VICTORY Copper Coated Nails


Copper is an essential nutrient for equines, especially for the formation of strong bones. Copper has also been proven to be beneficial to equines in the hoof!

Recent scientific studies and farrier observations have shown that the galvanic effect of copper interacting with steel creates a hostile environment for bacteria and other organisms without harming the hoof. In addition, copper itself has been known for centuries to have an antimicrobial effect when coming in contact with bacteria.

VICTORY copper coated horseshoe nails can help you maintain a healthy hoof capsule. With continued use, the quality of the hoof should improve making your job easier and a hero to your client!

VICTORY copper coated nails are smooth driving! The head orientation is easily identified to the touch. Copper coated in U.S.A.

Available in 4.5 Race, 5 City, 5 Combo, 5 Slim and 6 City

100 count boxes



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