Our History

The Story of Victory Racing Plate

In 1929 The Victory Racing Plate Company pioneered the aluminum racing plate as we know it today. Victory was the first company to produce a forged aluminum racing plate with steel inserts to enhance traction and to reduce wear. Victory’s aluminum racing plate became the new standard of footwear for thoroughbred race horses and changed the way thoroughbred race horses were shod throughout the world making Victory racing plates the most popular racing plate worldwide! In addition, Victory racing plates set a new standard on harness race tracks as a substitute for steel.

In 1988 the company’s ELITE division was created for the purpose of developing Sport Footwear for the Equine Athlete. ELITE Competition Shoe products proved that aluminum could be used as a viable material for lightweight wide web horseshoes to be used by horses competing in venues off the racetrack.

Today The Victory Racing Plate Company offers more racing plate styles to meet the demands of today’s trainers and farriers. The original Victory racing plate designs, often referred to as “Traditional Victorys”, led the industry for decades and are now giving way to more modern designs such as EC (European Contour) introduced in 1990; SPORT introduced in 2003; and RX introduced in 2008.

The Victory Racing Plate Company remains an independent locally owned enterprise committed to producing “Sport footwear for the equine athlete”, enhancing performance while protecting the hoof and maintaining a healthy hoof structure.

The staff of Victory thanks the numerous farriers, trainers and veterinarians who have contributed to the design and development process over these many decades, enabling us to develop work saving products for the farrier while enhancing performance for the equine athlete.



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