You Know VICTORY by the Company We Keep

Since 1929 VICTORY racing plates have been the choice of more thoroughbred champions, including more Triple Crown winners, than any other brand. Worldwide the name VICTORY is synonymous with innovation, performance and dependability. We welcome you to have a look for yourself at the products that have kept Victory racing plates at the forefront of the “Sport of Kings”! From our humble beginnings with the Traditional racing plate series to today’s updated SPORT racing plates and the internationally renowned EC and RX racing plate series, VICTORY has what you need to enhance the performance of your equine athlete. And don’t forget harness racing as well! VICTORY racing plates lead the pack with quality and durability. Not interested in racing? Then take a look at VICTORY’s ELITE Competition Shoe series of products for the equine athlete who competes in other venues. VICTORY’s products are available in front and hind patterns in flat or wedge styles in a wide range of sizes with and without clips. In addition to our aluminum racing plates, steel training plates and aluminum horseshoes VICTORY scours the globe for top quality products for distribution to farrier suppliers across the country and around the world. Hoof pads, hoofcare products, steel horseshoes, horseshoe nails, and farrier tools are also distributed by VICTORY. We invite you to take a look at the products we offer then try them and see for yourself how well they perform.